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Policy Brief: Fostering PV Sustainability and Circularity

PHOTORAMA and 4 other European-funded projects TRUST-PV, RESiLEX, ICARUS, and CIRCUSOL have been working together to build a common message to enhance the sustainability and circularity of Photovoltaics Panels (PV). Through this alliance, we advocate for a better PV industry, fit for the challenges of the renewable energy transition. This short video introduces why this is important and what we have decided to do about it.

Going beyond explaining WHY we need a circular PV industry we suggest HOW we can achieve it with our common policy brief titled “Advancing Photovoltaic Sustainability and Circularity in Europe”. In this document, we make 5 key contributions, drawn from our experience as projects working on innovative solutions for the photovoltaic (PV) value chain. Read and download below.