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PHOTORAMA is an EU funded innovation action striving to improve recycling of Photovoltaic (PV) panels and recovery of Raw Materials (RM), implemented by a consortium of 13 organisations in the period 2021-2024.

  • To develop trailblazing technologies to implement a strong and reliable PV recycling scheme
  • To demonstrate innovative recycling solutions with a pilot line that is at TRL 7
  • To demonstrate full circularity by re-injecting the secondary rare materials into cross sectoral value chains
  • To drive market adoption of PHOTORAMA technologies as sustainable solutions
  • To strengthen sustainable waste management actions under the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) framework

  • PES solar magazine featuring PHOTORAMA
    In a new article titled “Exploring the potential for PV recycling”, the PHOTORAMA team discusses the challenges and opportunities of PV recycling and how the team works together to create the pathway towards PV circularity. The article is available online here from pages 69-73 of issue 41 of the PES solar magazine discussing “an industry… Read More »PES solar magazine featuring PHOTORAMA
  • 5th International workshop on Silicon Heterojunction solar cells
    On November 4th, PHOTORAMA’s project coordinator will give a talk at the 5th international workshop on heterojunction on silicon solar cells. The workshop takes place in an hybrid mode, online and in Aix-les-bains, France. The workshop is organised by INES and CEA. For more information you can download the event flyer below or visit the… Read More »5th International workshop on Silicon Heterojunction solar cells
  • International E-Waste day
    International E-Waste day is taking place on the 14th of October to raise awareness about the challenges and opportunities of E-waste. In this context, PHOTORAMA has created a one-page flyer explaining the relationship between E-waste and PV panels. You can download the E-Flyer below: More information on E-waste can be found on the WEEE forum… Read More »International E-Waste day
  • Meets us at the European Sustainable Energy Week
    We are proud to announce that PHOTORAMA will be present at the European Sustainable Energy Week (ESEW)! We will be present on-site in the networking village from the 26th-30th of September in Brussels. Come to our stand for any questions, or comments and to learn more about the work we have achieved so far! The… Read More »Meets us at the European Sustainable Energy Week
  • Co-creating PV circularity!
    In spring 2022, PHOTORAMA has organised three co-creation workshops with key PV stakeholders. Our aim was to better understand the concerns of different actors regarding PV recycling and to identify how to achieve PV circularity in the EU as soon as possible. The workshops each addressed a different topic. The first two workshops took place… Read More »Co-creating PV circularity!
  • SOPHIA’s workshop
    On June 30th, our project coordinator Claire Agraffeil will discuss PV sustainability and circular model in the PV value chain at SOPHIA’s PV-Module Reliability Workshop in Neuchâtel 👩‍💼 The workshop is organised by the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne EPFL (Switzerland) and the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE (Germany). It has for objective… Read More »SOPHIA’s workshop
  • PES Solar Magazine featuring PHOTORAMA
    We are proud to announce that we have recently published an article in PES SOLAR MAGAZINE, titled “A circular model for the PV value chain: from concept to field experience”. In this 40th issue of the magazine, you can read about various innovations and projects that participate in an evolving energy landscape for a sustainable… Read More »PES Solar Magazine featuring PHOTORAMA
  • The PHOTORAMA Teams meets in Trondheim
    This May the PHOTORAMA team finally met in person in Trondheim, Norway for our third consortium meeting. Over the span of two days (May 10th-11th), all partners reported and discussed what was achieved so far and how to continue our efforts towards PV circularity. Even though consortium members have been working together virtually for a… Read More »The PHOTORAMA Teams meets in Trondheim
  • EU regulation pushing forward PV recycling: the WEEE directive 
    PV panels’ disposal is a growing issue worldwide, which the EU has decided to tackle through its legislation and research funding, making it a leader in the field. In this blog article, we introduce the directive on Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), which includes regulation of PV waste in Europe. We discuss why… Read More »EU regulation pushing forward PV recycling: the WEEE directive 
  • Save the date!
    PHOTORAMA will be present at many events in the spring. You will be able to find us at: The UNSW- APVI/Task12 Workshop, titled “Australia’s 2nd hybrid PV recycling workshop”, taking place in a hybrid at Kensington campus in Australia on March 11th 2022 The nPV Workshop, taking place one Konstanz Germany on March 30-31, 2022: discover the full program… Read More »Save the date!
  • We asked. The stakeholders answered. Current knowledge about PV Panel recycling in the EU.
    PHOTORAMA is conducting a survey among stakeholders across Europe on awareness about current technologies and practices in PV panel recycling, as well as drivers and barriers of advancing PV panel recycling in the EU. So far over 250 stakeholders have participated in the survey. Here we relay our initial results. In case you’re involved with… Read More »We asked. The stakeholders answered. Current knowledge about PV Panel recycling in the EU.
    Renewable solar energy is one of the most promising candidates to lead the energy transition. Indeed, solar energy, often generated through the use of Photovoltaic (PV) panels, brings along the promise of fossil-free clean energy. To enter this paradigm, the PV industry has to be thought globally in a comprehensive circular approach considering the whole… Read More »Why PHOTORAMA?
  • Survey on PV recycling awareness
    Photorama is glad to announce the launch of our survey on PV recycling awareness! The survey is targeted at any interested party in PV recycling: we invite participants involved with the renewable energy sector to take part in our survey to help us understand better the level of awareness of stakeholders into the challenges and… Read More »Survey on PV recycling awareness
    A new article out in PV magazine highlights our plans to develop a new innovative pilot line for advanced PV recycling 🌞♻️💡🇪🇺The article is available here: For more information on our pilot line take a look at our website!
  • Discover our new Flyer!
    In this short explanatory flyer, we highlight the key information on PHOTORAMA: its role in making PV panels more sustainable, its objectives and expected impacts! Have a read here or download the document y clicking below. Don’t hesitate to share!
  • Hello world!
    We are happy to launch our project website PHOTORAMA. PHOTORAMA stands for “PHOtovoltaic waste management – advanced Technologies for recOvery & recycling of secondary RAw MAterials from end-of-life modules” and is funded by the EU framework programme H2020. The overall concept of PHOTORAMA is to develop and demonstrate new ecosystems of innovation leading to successful… Read More »Hello world!