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LuxChemtech GmbH


Since 2006 we, W. Palitzsch and I. Röver, work on the recycling of valuable metals with strategic importance from High Tech and Green Tech waste. From our former companies Loser Chemie GmbH and Solarworld AG we generated meanwhile very good experience in PV recyling for production and EOL scrap. We have knowledge about hydrometallurgical extraction of semiconductor layers and in construction of pilot plants, which is very helpfully for this project.

Our new company LuxChemtech develops and produces technologies and equipment for the recovery of silicon scrap and other special waste, for example moste types of PV modules. High-tech waste requires high-tech recycling. We strive to follow the Zero Waste concept wherever possible and strive for a true circular economy, which has already been achieved in several cases.

Role(s) / Task(s) in project

For  this project we bring also Know-How for the production of final products from scrap and the knowledge about alternative markets for such product. Finally, we want to expand our business and equip our technologies for the future – meaning we want to be able to recycle silicon and other materials in the future as well.