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Maltha Glassrecycling Belgium


Maltha is one of the leading processors of packaging and flat glass in Europe. Each year we process more than 1 million tonnes of glass waste from companies, citizens, and municipalities into high-quality new raw materials for use in making new products. Maltha has 8 plants in 5 European countries: The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Portugal, and Hungary.

To collect the glass, we work together closely with collection companies and recycling schemes throughout Europe. The collected glass is purified at Maltha, using advanced methods, and reprocessed into various types of glass cullet that fully correspond to the specifications of our customers in the flat glass, packaging glass and glass wool industry. Thus, for example, beer bottles can already be composed of 80% recycled glass.

Glass is endlessly recyclable without loss of quality. Glass is a typical example of the circular economy. The use of recycled raw materials is good for the environment and cost efficient. In this way, Maltha makes glass endless.

In the Photorama project will execute the following tasks:

  • Maltha will analyze the chemical composition of the glass from solar panels by using XRF device and external company’s to verify the extracted values. Maltha will measure on 35 chemical parameters that are important for the glass industry.
  • Maltha will perform melting tests on all recovered glass samples
  • Maltha will use free production time in the flat glass recycling plant in Lommel to upgrade if needed the received cullet coming from the recycle process of consortium partners. We have the option to use production time to shoot out  impurity’s like metals-foils-non transparent objects etc.
  • Maltha will use free production time to alternate the granulometry of the glass particles.
  • Maltha will aim for introducing recycle solar glass from project in the flat glass production.