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RHP Technology GmbH


More than 20 years ago the Austrian Institute of Technology started a working group on powder metallurgical technologies. One of the main activities right from the beginning was the use of hot-press technologies for material development. In the last years the group´s work force has been strengthened and new process equipment has been installed.

On 1st of October 2010 the working group started as independent spin-off company and has meanwhile 40 employees.

RHP-Technology has a strong focus in the development of materials and the optimisation of production techniques. Within the past years RHP installed special production techniques based on powder technological processing routes and step by step these processes have been optimised and adapted to be used for different materials and products.

Within the project RHP will be responsible for the consolidation of various materials by using direct hot pressing. This is a fast and economic consolidation technique and has to be adapted for the densification of sputtering target materials. In addition to that RHP will use recycled materials such as Ag, In or Gafor the manufacturing of sputtering targets which directly can be used for PV production.

Role(s) / Task(s) in project

RHP will be responsible for the conversion of raw materials comining from recycling into relevant products applied in PV industry. This includes the use of Silver as a precursor for the preparation of pastes and inks as well as the use of Silver precursors for the coating of copper particles in order to minimize the Ag raw material consumption in pastes. Addititionally RHP will transfer raw materials coming from PV waste such as Indium, Gallium or Silicon precursor materials into valueable products. These are used in sputtering targets for the preparation of thin films or using of Si as a raw materials in Aluminium alloys.