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General Assembly in Rome

The PHOTORAMA team convened in the vibrant city of Rome and the seat of our partner, ENEA. This marked our fifth General Assembly (GA), at 30 months since the start of the project.

Over the span of two days, PHOTORAMA partners exchanged on the project status. It was an occasion for the team to catch up on what has been done so far in each of the 8 work packages. At this stage of the project, the key theme of the GA was the status and progress of the pilot line to be operational by October 2024.

The pilot line will be implemented in a full industrial environment, where it will be one of the first pilot-scale technologies to process large amounts of PV waste at higher-quality levels than currently possible. As reported during the general assembly, setting up the pilot line is well underway.  After multiple tests and refining of different technologies, the pilot line will combine several units for mechanical disassembly, delamination and metal recovery. The pilot line will be officially presented to the public in Autumn 2024 to celebrate this achievement.

In addition to the Pilot Line, the GA was also a place to discuss future engagement with a wide audience and share project insights on sustainable PV waste management. 2024 will be full of several activities from school visits to policy briefs.

30 months after the start of the project, the PHOTORAMA team is set up to achieve the project objectives and looks forward to sharing the final results. Stay tuned for upcoming news!

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